Kumu Hoʻokele

Why Am I Running?


I grew up in a family where the issues that were important to our community were discussed at the dinner table. I also grew up in a time where the actions that were taken to protect our communities were usually in the form of a picket line.  That certainly shaped the outlook for me as a Hawaiian. By the time I was fortunate enough to attend Kamehameha Schools and then the University of Hawai’i, I had a solid perspective that helped to shape my worldview. 

The stories that we tell at ‘Ōiwi TV are one of the ways that we engage our community to showcase many of the things that that are important to all of us who call Hawai’i home. As we enter into the ‘Aha, it will be important to communicate to our whole community the actions that are being contemplated within this process.  As a delegate, I intend to continue the work of engaging our community through the venues that we have access to and to continue that work that my parents are still doing, namely to protect our communities.


ʻO Wai ʻO Nāʻālehu

Who is Naʻalehu?